New Partnership With Channel Management Company

A development in the last few years has been the need to link with online travel agents (OTA’s) such as, Expedia, etc. We have now created a link with the channel management company which allows two way communication between ReservationKey and thirty different channels (OTAs). This means that instead of having to manually … Read more

Update to ReservationKey Facebook Apps

We’ve reviewed all of our apps, and made a couple of changes:  sign into ReservationKey from each app page new simple app for online bookings through Facebook Previously, you had to be signed into ReservationKey in a different tab in the same browser in which you were editing your Facebook apps. This caused some confusion … Read more

Slight Change Calendar Header Functionality

We’ve made a small change to the calendar header functionality, in order to make it easier to view past reservations from earlier in the current month. Now, when clicking the current month, just like when clicking any of the other months, the calendar will start at the first day of that month (instead of X … Read more

New Mobile Version – Easy to Setup

Trends in computing are constantly changing, and one big trend these days is that more and more people are using their mobile devices to accomplish what they might have previously done with their full size computers. Therefore it is important to make sure your website and reservation system displays nicely on mobile devices as well … Read more

Require Consecutive Night Stays

Of the five reservation page types we offer (multiple units, calendar search mode, single unit, single unit search, hotel), with two of these types (calendar search mode and single unit), guests click dates on a calendar which means that it is possible for them to reserve non-consecutive night stays. This was actually created on purpose, … Read more

New Google Analytics Features

We’ve added additional functionality so that you now can use Google Analytics to track your sales. To use this feature, first add your Google Analytics code to your Reservation Page settings. Copy this code from your Google Analytics account. The final step is to enable e-commerce tracking in your Google Analytics account.  1. Click Admin … Read more

Link Email Messages to Payment Methods

For internally added reservations, it is now possible to select an email template which will be sent automatically as soon as a payment is entered. This is useful if you want to automatically send a confirmation message to the guest, once a payment has been added to the system. To set this up, first go … Read more