Require Consecutive Night Stays

Of the five reservation page types we offer (multiple units, calendar search mode, single unit, single unit search, hotel), with two of these types (calendar search mode and single unit), guests click dates on a calendar which means that it is possible for them to reserve non-consecutive night stays. This was actually created on purpose, … Read more

New Google Analytics Features

We’ve added additional functionality so that you now can use Google Analytics to track your sales. To use this feature, first add your Google Analytics code to your Reservation Page settings. Copy this code from your Google Analytics account. The final step is to enable e-commerce tracking in your Google Analytics account.  1. Click Admin … Read more

Link Email Messages to Payment Methods

For internally added reservations, it is now possible to select an email template which will be sent automatically as soon as a payment is entered. This is useful if you want to automatically send a confirmation message to the guest, once a payment has been added to the system. To set this up, first go … Read more

Items For Sale Enhancement

It is now possible to link Items For Sale to specific units. For example, if only certain rooms are pet friendly, you can have the pet item for sale only show if the pet friendly room is selected. Or, another example, if only some houses have an optional hot tub, the hot tub can show … Read more