ReservationKey User Guide

ReservationKey is built around four main sections.  Therefore we have organized our guide around these areas.

Determine which area of the system you are working in and then select the sub-section you would like more information about.

If you are new, you may want to start with our New User Quick Start guide, which gives a high level walk through of the system.   You also may want to watch our demo video which shows the key features of the software.

Four main tabs

Reservation Manager

Availability Calendar
Master calendar containing all reservations; click to add new reservations.

Reservation Details
All information pertaining to a particular reservation.

List of reservations and financial details.

Searchable list of all contacts saved in the system.

Log of all changes made in reservations.

Large number reports for various purposes; many exportable to CSV.

Simple place to keep track of income and expenses.

Website Tab

Reservation Pages
Public page for guests to make reservations.

Look and feel of public reservations.

Website Messages
Major text that appears in Reservation Pages.

Payment Methods
How to take payments through Reservation Pages, and internally.

Payment Schedules
How much money is due at time of reservation and thereafter.

Email Templates
Text that is to be sent to guests in emails.

Email Schedules
What email template is to be sent, and when it is to be sent.

Discount Codes
Create codes that can be used to trigger a discount.

Custom Fields
Use additional fields to ask guests for details not included in the standard reservation form.

Items For Sale
Sell merchandise or other items, as part of the reservation process.

Ask guests to leave a comment, and then display guest book on your website.

Gift Certificates
Similar to gift cards, certificates can be purchased and then redeemed using a unique code.

Custom Text
Change any of the system language into your own test, or even into other languages.

Properties Tab

Properties / Locations
Settings for property information.

Rooms / Units
Room details such as descriptions and photos.

Fraction information, such as parent room, description, and photos.

Room Types
A way to organize rooms into categories (types).

Rate Plans
Create plans for each room or each type of room.

Rate Rules
Each rate plan is made of up of a least one rule, where rates are set day by day or weekly.

Rate Adjustments
Minor changes to base rates, such as for holidays or special events.

Taxes which can be used in Rate Plans, Fees, and Items for Sale.

Mandorty charges when attached to rate plans.

Yield Management
Autoimatic adjustments to prices based on time of booking and current occupancy.

Settings Tab

Account Settings
Basic account information, payment details, purchase additional items.

Items relating to specific users such as permissions.

System wide preference regarding look and feel, currency, misc. settings.

Reservation Status
Colors to show on the internal calendar; set system behavior based on status.

Edit all system lists such as vendors, categories, labels, amenities.

Load files to import data to ReservationKey from other software applications.

External Connections
Connections to third party software, such as channel managers, QuickBooks, and Expedia,

Most items, when deleted, first are moved to the trash.