Change Status/Add Star(s) Automatically if Discount Code Used or Item for Sale Added

It is now possible to have the reservation status set automatically when a Discount Code is used or when Item(s) for Sale are added to the reservation. This is useful if you want a visual alert as to which reservations have items for sale or discount code was used.

Items for Sale

Go to Website Tab, Items for Sale and edit an existing item or create a new item. Select Advanced Options and set which reservation status color the reservation should be set to, and select which star(s) to apply (if any) when this item for sale is added to the reservation.

Save your changes, and now these settings will be automatically applied when a new online reservation is received that contains this item for sale.

Discount Codes

The process is basically the same. Go to Website Tab, Discount Codes, add/edit, and select the status code and/or star(s).

Note, if BOTH an item for sale and a discount code is used, only the settings from the discount code will apply. If multiple items for sale are added, only the settings from one item for sale will apply.