NEW: Alert icons in Guests section

We have added a new icon to make it easy to see which guests have alerts set. Or, if no alert is set, an info icon shows. Both icons are clickable, which brings up a window showing the alert (if any), contact notes, and the guest’s complete history of reservation notes. Here, we can see … Read more

How to make automatically expanding iframes

It is possible to use JavaScript to automatically expand the height of the iframe based on the amount of contained contained in the iframe. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Add an ID to your iframe HTML. It can be anything, but in our code we use “publicpage.” If you use something different just … Read more

NEW: Exclude dates from discount codes.

We now have an option in Discount Codes to exclude certain dates from discounts. Such as you want to give 10% off for every day in December EXCEPT for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, that is now easily achievable. Here’s how. 1. Set up a percentage discount or $/night discount (it only works with these … Read more

Selling Gift Certificates with ReservationKey and Square

With the holiday season almost in full swing, now is the perfect time to set up ReservationKey Gift Certificates and Square.  While we have offered Gift Certificates for many years, we just now have added Square as a payment option.  Square has been very popular with our clients thanks to their competitive pricing, very secure … Read more

NEW: Set date range restrictions on fees.

It is now possible to have fees added automatically to a reservation based on whether the start date of the reservation falls within the date range set for the fee.  This could be useful for setting different fees based on the year – such as if the cleaning fee needed to increase year to year.  … Read more

Square API Update News

As Square is soon discontinuing their payment form options which we have been using, we have now rebuilt our Square connection using their newest API options. Here are some notes about what has changed. CHANGES 1. The payment form is simpler. No longer do we have fields for address, country, etc. Square requires very minimal … Read more