Steps For Using Alternate Rate Plans

We offer a feature where you can set up completely different rate plans which are triggered by discount codes.  This means you can set up a code which will pull rates from a different plan than your normal rates.  An example of where this is useful is if you are using ReservationKey to manage a … Read more

Hotel Style Reservation Pages

If your guests typically reserve by the TYPE of unit rather than a specific unit (or room) then you need a hotel style reservation page.  Setting this up is pretty easy, you just need to do a couple of things different than a set up where guests select by the specific room. 1. Set up … Read more

Update to Search Forms

We’ve just added code to our search form so that your guests can now set their arrival and departure dates, and also the number of guests in their party.  Your availability will show now based on this extra filter, maximum occupancy.  Only available units that meet or exceed the occupancy searched for will be shown … Read more

Adding ReservationKey’s Online Bookings to Your Website

Sometimes people are a little confused about what it takes to actually start taking online reservations with ReservationKey through their website.  It actually is quite easy.  There are two main methods – linking to the system, or embedding the application in an iframe on your site.  Below I will show you exactly what is meant by this. The first … Read more

Getting The Most Out Of ReservationKey

Users often ask what they can do to more fully utilize the various features of ReservationKey.  While this list is nowhere near exhaustive, here are a few things you can do that quickly come to mind: Fully Integrate Payments One of the best things you can do to save you time is to process all … Read more

Data Backups

A user emailed today wondering about how we handle data backups.  This is probably something everyone thinks about, especially with a web-based system, where you are not directly responsible for backing up your own data. What we do, is automatically back up our complete database once per day and then we automatically move the backup … Read more

A New Blog

HI, John here, founder and creator of ReservationKey.  I’m ramping up our online presence, and what better way to start with than creating a blog!  I will post company news, tips, and lots more here as frequently as possible. One great improvement is the code running the Reservation Summary pages has been completely re-written which … Read more