How can I restore an item from the Trash?

In order to restore an item, click on the buttons to find the place in the system where the item was located. Then click the checkbox next to the item. Once the items you want to restore are selected, click the button at the bottom of the screen to restore those items.

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Can deleted reservations be restored?

Currently deleted reservations do not go to the trash. There is no way to restore a deleted reservation. If you want to keep a reservation in the system, but have it not block your calendar, instead change the status to one that does not block the calendar, such as "cancelled."

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How do I empty the trash?

In order to empty the trash, click through to the section you want to permanently delete items from. Then click the check boxes next to the items to be deleted. Finally, click the delete button at the bottom of the page. In the future we may make the trash auto-delete, after an item has been in the trash for 30 days. But currently items are never permanently removed from the trash automatically.


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I accidentally deleted an item from the trash. Is there a way to un-delete it?

There is no way to undelete an item that was deleted from the trash.

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