External Connections

What other systems do you connect with?

Our main connections are with myallocator.com, Quickbooks, and Trip Advisor Quick Connect. We also are working on direct connections with major channels, such as Expedia, Booking.com, and Google Hotels.

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How do we connect with your channel manager partner, Myallocator.com?

First, create an account with MyAllocator.com. Set up your rooms there and then in ReservationKey add the MyAllocator connection. In the first section, add your MyAllocator name/password. Then go into our Room/Unit settings section and map your units and send your availability to MyAllocator.

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Why doesn't my property show in TripAdvisor Trip Connect listings?

It can take a few days for your listing to appear in TripAdvisor after you set up the connection. Be prepared to wait a few days for TripAdvisor to refresh their listings.

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