NEW: More control over iCal reservations

We have added a new option, to allow users to filter out iCal reservations based on keyword text. ReservationKey has always not imported some reservations, but based on user feedback, users would like to have control over this using our interface.

Therefore, we have added an option in our iCal settings, which allows users to turn off the ReservationKey filter and (optionally) add their own. This is set up in the iCal settings section. By default we have set this to "Yes" which means the ReservationKey filters continue to be used.

Changing the option to "No" then gives an option to add one's own filter. Here, we added "(Not available)" which means any reservation in the iCal file that contain that text will not be imported.

Note, it is easy to look at iCal files by downloading them (paste the link into a browser) and review the text in the file to find reservations you may want to not import into ReservationKey. Most likely these will be blocked dates, not actual reservations.

That is all there is to this. We hope our users will find it useful in those situations where this might be needed.