Click to edit, right click to view, drag to move

See everything at a glance.

Clean and Concise

Easy to read

ReservationKey makes it super easy to see at a glance your current availability, guest status, and more.  Many preference settings to adjust the look of the calendar just as you want it.

Clean And Concise Reservation Calendar

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop to move reservations.  

Just click, drag, and drop reservations to re-arrange your calendar.

Drag And Drop To Move Reservations.

Map View

Visualize on a map which rooms are available

Use your property map to visualize availability.  Enter arrival/departure dates, and select from available rooms.  For more details see our blog post and video tutorial.


Book by type

view availability by room type

Useful when managing many units of various types (such as hotels, campgrounds, vehicle rentals).  Quickly see how many units are remaining, and quickly add new reservations by selecting the number of units of each type.  Learn more in this blog post.


Reservation Details

Clear summary of each reservation

See reservation information clearly summarized on one page. Guest history, charge credit cards, send correspondence, and more.

Reservation Details

Waiting Lists

Plus Gift Certificates, track events

When no dates are available requests can go into a waiting list, which is easily accessible from the main calendar.

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