What are some combinations for different date and time formats?

Long date: %mmmm %d, %yyyy (January 31, 2011)
Short date: %m/%d/%yyyy (1/31/2011)
Time: %h:%mm %A (11:34 PM)

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How do I change the row height and font size for my internal availability calendar?

In the preferences area you will find settings to adjust the row height and font size. You may have to make adjustments in order to get the rows to align correctly with the property names. The row height and font size adjustments apply to your availability calendar in the reservation manager.

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Is it possible to hide the tooltip help icons?

If you do not wish to see the tool-tip help icons, you may hide the icons in the preferences section.

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How do I adjust the left column of the internal availability calendar?

You can adjust how wide the column is, how many characters show in that column, and whether room name or room number or both is displayed. You will find these settings in the Availability Calendar section of Preferences.

Reservation calendar preferences

Here is an example of showing only room numbers:

Reservation room numbers

And here is an example of both room numbers and names, limited to 12 characters:

Reservation calendar room number

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