NEW OPTION: Set default number of guests

Our default number of guests, when searching for availability on public reservation pages has always been two adults and zero children. The price that shows has been always based on that combination. Now, it is possible to set the default number, and the price showing will reflect any surcharge or discount for based on the … Read more

NEW: Custom field for currently logged in user

Many of our clients have multiple users, and wish to track which user added a reservation. We already do this with our Activity section, but now we have added another way, through a custom field. This is makes it easy to run reports to see which users added which reservations. Our users that requested this … Read more

NEW: Online Modifications (and Cancellations)

It is now possible for guests to modify their reservations online – to be able to remove dates and/or rooms from their reservation.   1. Set up your Email Templates and Website Messages You will want two email templates one to be used in case of a cancellation one to be used in case of … Read more

New Feature: Easily Set Weekly and Monthly Rates

Previously it was necessary to use our discount options in order to arrive at weekly or monthly rates.  But now, it is much easier thanks to dedicated fields within Rate Rules for setting these rates. Once these rates are set, they are automatically used once the reservation is at least 7 days (for weekly rates) … Read more

Customizing the ReservationKey Booking Engine for Your Needs

ReservationKey is a flexible platform, which can easily be customized to our client’s needs.  Recently we had a new client inquire whether we could build a very simple calendar booking system, for their moving van. They wanted a large one month calendar, click to reserve, and a custom form with fields for an additional driver.  … Read more

Options for Offering Trip Insurance

We’ve been asked recently what are some of the best options for making it clear to guests that trip insurance is an option. So we brainstormed for awhile and came up with a number of ideas.  Below we discuss some options, using our existing features.  We also are also looking at ways to integrate directly … Read more

NEW: Online cancellations

It is now possible for your guests to cancel online. We have created functionality where a link is generated by using {{cancellationlink}} which the guest can click to reach a page where they can cancel their booking. 1. Create header message, confirmation message, and email template (Website tab). 2. Set the fields in the Cancellation … Read more

Themes updated with gift certificate styling

All of our current themes have been updated to include new CSS styling for our gift certificate pages. The new styles are all responsive design, meaning the gift certificate page will display nicely on all devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, computers). Select from one of our themes in your gift certificate settings section. Here … Read more

eRentalLock integration

ReservationKey now connects directly with eRentalLock. This means, if you are using their digital locks on your vacation rentals, you can now generate key codes for your locks directly within ReservationKey. We make it simple to generate a code based on check in and check out dates, and times, and then automatically include that code … Read more