IDEA: Creative placement of booking engine

Here is a really neat idea, embedding the entire booking page is a small box on your homepage. This way guests can book directly from the front page, without needing to search for the booking system.  This example shows the embedded box appears only on large screens. On smaller screens it disappears, but guests can … Read more

Six New Reservation Page Themes

We have just released six new themes for our reservation pages. These themes use modern design principles, are responsive, and generally go a long way towards improving the look and feel of the system. If you are using one of our older themes we highly recommend you consider switching to one of these new themes. … Read more


One of our property manager users describes below how she is able to convert leads to booking using ReservationKey’s payment link feature. This automates the process of asking the guest for a credit card and at the same time gives them a quote to review. Summary: 1. Get the potential guest’s email address2. Make a … Read more

NEW: custom fields numbers drop down

A new type of custom field has been added – numbers. An easy way to make a dropdown list that contains incrementing numbers. Just enter the start, stop, and optional increment to build this type of custom field. A custom field of this type can be added in the Website tab, Custom Fields, ADD.