Creating Clickable Maps to Show Availability

It is super easy to add your own clickable map for use both by your guests on your public booking page, as well as for your own internal use. Here are a couple of examples, to show what we mean. (Golf course with cottages) (Campground) Here are the steps to set this up: 1. Enable … Read more

NEW: Online cancellations

It is now possible for your guests to cancel online. We have created functionality where a link is generated by using {{cancellationlink}} which the guest can click to reach a page where they can cancel their booking. 1. Create header message, confirmation message, and email template (Website tab). 2. Set the fields in the Cancellation … Read more

Themes updated with gift certificate styling

All of our current themes have been updated to include new CSS styling for our gift certificate pages. The new styles are all responsive design, meaning the gift certificate page will display nicely on all devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, computers). Select from one of our themes in your gift certificate settings section. Here … Read more