How to completely edit the waiting list/inquiry form and message.

Of course a lot of what we do is helping our clients tweak their accounts to meet their needs.  Sometimes what we explain in an email can also be useful to others, and good content for a blog post.  Here, we are discussing about whether to hide the waiting list, or perhaps it may be better to edit the messaging.  To hide the waiting list see this link.  Otherwise, continue reading for our email response to our client.
I am not sure you actually are looking to remove the waiting list?  Instead you can edit the message that shows to the user.  First write a message that you want to appear INSIDE the form.  Then under your Reservation Page settings, select that message here:
Your message in the form might say something like this:
You also should have a message set to show people when there is no availability.  I just edited your message a bit:
And now this is what shows when a guest searches for a date on which there is no availability: