Channel mapping much easier with our channel manager

We have added a new section, for mapping OTAs with our channel manager.  Now, you can create new connections, or edit existing ones, right within our Channel Manager settings interface. Click to expand this new section.   And there you will find options for creating new channels, and editing your existing channels.   Options for … Read more

NEW: Make card-present transactions with Square Terminal

  It is now possible to connect a Square Terminal with your ReservationKey account.  With swiping, dipping, or contactless payment, you can take advantage of lower processing fees.  The process of making a payment is almost exactly the same as processing a credit card directly within ReservationKey.  Once a Terminal is set up, in our … Read more

Channex updates, news, pricing

Updates We now have channel specific settings for Channex. For example, a reservation from can have a different status color than one imported from Expedia. Also, possible to set different payment pages, and email schedules. As well as being able to have the system create an expense record in order to track commissions to … Read more

Big Update to iCal – Cancellations and Modifications now possible; new “import all” options

We’ve made a number of improvements to the iCal section of the system. The biggest change is that we are now able to automatically cancel reservations and handle modifications (with some limitations, see below). We have also added a one-click way to run the import of all iCal links in your account. Cancellations To enable … Read more

Improvement to online reservations page functionality

A feature long on our list, to have the contact form appear next to the room/unit selected, has now been completed. This is very handy for our clients that have a long list of rooms (or apartments, vehicles, cottages, etc.), where the guest may be selecting from the availability below where the reservation form starts. … Read more

Appointment Bookings & Book by Type Tutorial

Use our hotel style reservation pages, combined with our book by type view of the availability calendar, for flexible and fast appointment bookings. To enable the book by type view, go to the Settings tab, Users, and expand the User Permissions section. Then click “Enable additional features…” and click “Book by Type.” Then over on … Read more

Creating Clickable Maps to Show Availability

It is super easy to add your own clickable map for use both by your guests on your public booking page, as well as for your own internal use. Here are a couple of examples, to show what we mean. (Golf course with cottages) (Campground) Here are the steps to set this up: 1. Enable … Read more