NEW: Make card-present transactions with Square Terminal


It is now possible to connect a Square Terminal with your ReservationKey account.  With swiping, dipping, or contactless payment, you can take advantage of lower processing fees.  The process of making a payment is almost exactly the same as processing a credit card directly within ReservationKey.  Once a Terminal is set up, in our payment section you will find a new button “Request Payment” which sends the payment to your Terminal.  Once payment is made, ReservationKey is automatically updated to show the payment.

If you don’t yet have a Square account, open an account with Square now.  You can buy a Terminal here.

Follow the steps below to get started.

1. First add your device – Website tab, Payment Methods (if you have’t yet added Square, add a new payment method, Square)

2. Enter a name for your terminal in order to generate the code:

3. Type this code into your device.

4. Verify the device is paired, you will see this message appear after pairing:

5. Now, when you go to Payments in a reservation, you will see this option:

6. Click Request Payment – the payment amount will show on your Terminal. Swipe/dip/contactless the card and approve payment.

7. ReservationKey will automatically update with the payment made on the Terminal.