Do You Need Your Own SSL Certificate?

The following information applies to users that:1. ask for credit card information on their reservation page, and2. want to emebed their reservation page in their website. An issue arrises when users want to embed a ReservationKey reservation page that asks for guest’s credit card information into their website using iframes, but they don’t have their … Read more

Reasons Why People Switch to ReservationKey

I am sure there are lots of reasons people switch to using ReservationKey versus selecting a different system.  There are so many systems out there that it seems people often are overwhelmed when trying to select a new reservation and management system.  Those that are the least worn out by the process of selecting a … Read more

Red Flag Guests / Set Alert

By popular demand, we have added the ability to flag specific guests.  Users have been asking for this in order to be warned when the guest books again, or for an obvious reminder for a current guest. This feature can be used to red-flag a guest as someone you might not want to stay with … Read more

Monitor Searches on Reservation Pages

We’ve just set up a way for you to monitor activity on your reservation page(s).  Now, whenever a search is made on a reservation page, the system automatically records this information to the Activity section.  We record the dates searched, number of nights, IP address of the person searching, and the reservation page from which … Read more

New Waiting List & Inquiry Form

You never want to lose a lead, even if you don’t have any availability for the dates your prospective guest was searching for.  A newly released feature addresses this issue.  Now when a search is run and you have no units available for the dates searched, a form appears where guests can send an inquiry, … Read more

Luxurious B&B In San Poncho, Mexico

The last stop on the ReservationKey Mexico tour was at Casa Obelisco in San Poncho, about an hour drive north of Puerto Vallarta.  John and Judi Levens graciously agreed to host me at their luxurious four bedroom bed and breakfast.  They built this villa about ten years ago to be their dream home plus give … Read more

San Poncho, Mexico – Best Clients Ever

In my previous career I worked as an attorney, and what a contrast in clients compared to the people I now work with. Maybe it is because they are in the hospitality industry, but my clients now are the best. Take Jane and Earl, proprietors of Roberto’s Bungalows in San Poncho, Mexico. We had never met before, … Read more

Punta de Mita, Mexico – The Utmost in Relaxation

Next up on my client visit itinerary was spending a few days at the incredibly relaxing Punta de Mita area, at the outer edge of Banderas Bay, just north of Puerto Vallarta. I was hosted by ReservationKey user Hotel la Quinta del Sol, by far the most charming boutique hotel in the area. In an area … Read more

On The Road, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

One of the best parts about running ReservationKey is all the great clients we have. And it doesn’t get much better than being able to meet them in person.  This past week I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, while being hosted by the PVkid, Jeff Musto – He … Read more

Automatically Reduce Minimum Stays

We’ve just added a new feature where minimum stay requirements can be automatically reduced if they cannot be met.  For example, you have a two night minimum stay set for Friday and Saturday reservations.  Your room is already booked for Saturday and Sunday, which leaves a single Friday available.  With this new option enabled, the … Read more