More Flexibility Using Themes and Custom Text

An existing property management customer is expanding into the tour business, and is using ReservationKey to manage all his tour bookings. Thanks to being able to set up many different reservation pages in ReservationKey, he can set up a different page for each tour offering. One such page is for the Rhythms of the Night tour. Using … Read more

New Color Coding in Activity Availability Search

When reviewing activity results for Availability Search (entries that get recorded when someone searches for availability on a Reservation Page), if the search results in no units available, a red “No Availability” tag appears next to the activity log. If the search was within your cut-off period, an orange “In Cut-Off” tag appears. Also, groups … Read more

NEW FEATURE: Create Custom Reservation ID Numbers

You can now set which number you want your reservation ID numbers to start from. The numbers are unique to each account, and will only increase as reservations are added to your account. Prior to this, the reservation ID numbers were used system wide and increased sequentially as reservations were added to any user’s account. … Read more

New Tax Option For VAT Included

For users in countries where tax is included in the price, we now have an option to set the system to include VAT. Taxes are still calculated but are not shown to the guest. To see the tax information, a template can be created using the tax merge codes, or export the reservation data to … Read more

New Flexibility in Taxes on Items for Sale and Fees

It is now possible to set exactly which taxes (if any) apply to Items for Sale and Fees. Previously, we had just one setting taxable or non-taxable. Now, to set as non-taxable, just don’t check any taxes to apply to the item. Otherwise, check the taxes that should apply. This allows for greater flexibility and … Read more

Press Enter To Search

A few fields have been updated to have the ability to start a search by pressing enter instead of having to click the search button.  Places you can press enter instead of clicking a search button: last name field in the Reservation Summary screen (opens the contact search box) last name field in the contact … Read more

New Option to Include Tax on Percentage Items for Sale

Now you can set whether or not an item for sale that is a percentage should calculate the percentage price based on the total reservation price, including or excluding tax. This is useful if you are selling something such as Trip Insurance, that needs to be based on the total price of the entire reservation, … Read more

New Alert If Auto Payment Does Not Complete

We have added an alert in case a PayPal subscription payment is not automatically received. Prior to this, account access would be automatically disabled as soon as the currently paid month expired. The difficulty with this is sometimes users would find themselves unable to log into their ReservationKey account without advance notice. Usually the payment … Read more

Arrive Depart in Calendar Search Mode

We’ve added lines for Arrive and Depart dates in the summary section when in the Calendar Search Mode (mode where users click calendar to select dates). This addition matches what we already had in the Availability Search Mode. This should help guests be extra clear on the arrive/depart dates they have selected.  Example: