Why Switch to ReservationKey?

Just now, a prospective user emailed me with this question:
” I have webervations right now and am considering a change. What can you tell me that would make me think you are better? Thank you.”

My short answer to this question is:
I think big reasons are we have a fuller featured system, a very flexible system (it can be set up in many different ways), good customer service, a growing system (we actually work on it every day and build new features very regularly), and a reasonable price.

Our user’s are the ones who say this best though, so in my email back I also included some quotes from a user that I was just yesterday discussing this with.

Here is what CS Tomlinson from Rockies Rentals (www.rockiesrentals.ca) has to say:

“Yes – we investigated over 100 reservation systems, and did full trials on quite a few of them. It was a very frustrating process. And now that we have been using RK for 3+ months, we can confidently say that it kick the a$$ of all the other systems. We are so pleased with the functionality and the service. I really could say enough good things about the software. [and you have my permission to use this as a testimonial – or I can write a more detailed version].

As for QuickBooks, I pull a report at the end of each month that shows me all Room & Other Revenue (Items for Sale, Fees, Taxes, Etc) and enter it as one ‘invoice’ for month end. And then I can look at detailed reports of our Income and Expenses in Quickbooks. That works for our needs. 

I can assure you that Webervations is VERY barebones. We did a test of Webervations – it was useless, in my opinion. As a side note, I did the full trial one year ago. I used it for less than 2 hours before classifying it as ‘useless’. Homeaway sent me an invoice for the service last week, and then follow up emails demanding payment in full. I used it for 2 hours, one year ago during a Free Trial. I’ve never received any correspondence from their company in that entire year. Not even a product update. It’s a sneaky business tactic in my opinion.

You have nothing to worry about. That user may have saved a couple bucks a month, but she will spend exponentially more in additional Management Time. People often underestimate what their time is worth. And Webervations is now owned by HomeAway – their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. ”