Thoughts on Phone Support vs Email

Occasionally prospective users will ask us whether we have 24 hour, 7 day a week phone support. The basic answer is no, although sometimes it sure feels like we do. Running a web based, global business, with users spread out across more than 27 countries, we could easily work 24 hours a day and always be talking to someone where it is business hours. The web never sleeps, as they say.

Here is our rational and thinking about why we do not have 24 hour a day phone support, in response to a query from a potential client:

“I understand your desire for phone support over email support, but our business model just doesn’t allow for it. Our goal has always been more of the self help model, that is, our users can mostly figure everything out on their own, and we are available for questions, often via email, with phone as a backup for the more involved situations. At our price points, $15 a month for you, we just can’t afford the time it takes to have unlimited phone support. While this may cause us to loose a few customers, generally it has been an overwhelming success as our clients understand where we are coming from, and the support we are able to offer, combined with our strong product, and very reasonable prices more than makes up for the lesser phone support. For example, I am able to write you this email at 10:49p, rather than having to schedule a phone call, and take a lot more time to talk on the phone. Email is generally quicker and much more flexible as to when it can be written. Of course for introductory overviews to the system, and more involved questions, we are happy to set up phone calls.” 

Thank you to our existing and potential clients for your understanding!