Nice Review From a User

Cedar Mountain Farm Bed and Breakfast commented on ReservationKey’s status. Cedar Mountain Farm Bed and Breakfast wrote: “Like the reader you quoted, I looked long and hard for a new reservation system (switching from Webervations). At first I thought Reservation Key was too good to be true. Now I know it is all true and … Read more

New Features in Activity Tab

We’ve added a column to show which user was logged in when an activity is recorded. This will make it easier to track which users are making changes in the system. The other new feature is the ability to export all the activity log information to a CSV file. Whatever is being viewed on the … Read more

Preference Setting For New Reservation Alert

It is now possible to set how many days the new reservation alert should search. The new default is to show the number of reservations received over the last two days. Some users noted that by only showing an alert for reservations received “today” they were not being alerted to reservations made late the previous … Read more

Why Switch to ReservationKey?

Just now, a prospective user emailed me with this question:” I have webervations right now and am considering a change. What can you tell me that would make me think you are better? Thank you.” My short answer to this question is:I think big reasons are we have a fuller featured system, a very flexible … Read more

More Flexibility Using Themes and Custom Text

An existing property management customer is expanding into the tour business, and is using ReservationKey to manage all his tour bookings. Thanks to being able to set up many different reservation pages in ReservationKey, he can set up a different page for each tour offering. One such page is for the Rhythms of the Night tour. Using … Read more

New Color Coding in Activity Availability Search

When reviewing activity results for Availability Search (entries that get recorded when someone searches for availability on a Reservation Page), if the search results in no units available, a red “No Availability” tag appears next to the activity log. If the search was within your cut-off period, an orange “In Cut-Off” tag appears. Also, groups … Read more

NEW FEATURE: Create Custom Reservation ID Numbers

You can now set which number you want your reservation ID numbers to start from. The numbers are unique to each account, and will only increase as reservations are added to your account. Prior to this, the reservation ID numbers were used system wide and increased sequentially as reservations were added to any user’s account. … Read more

New Tax Option For VAT Included

For users in countries where tax is included in the price, we now have an option to set the system to include VAT. Taxes are still calculated but are not shown to the guest. To see the tax information, a template can be created using the tax merge codes, or export the reservation data to … Read more

New Flexibility in Taxes on Items for Sale and Fees

It is now possible to set exactly which taxes (if any) apply to Items for Sale and Fees. Previously, we had just one setting taxable or non-taxable. Now, to set as non-taxable, just don’t check any taxes to apply to the item. Otherwise, check the taxes that should apply. This allows for greater flexibility and … Read more