NEW: Automatically Add QR Codes to Gift Certificates

We now have the option to include a QR code on the gift certificate. This makes it easier for the certificate recipient to use the certificate because scanning or clicking the QR code will register the code as soon as the reservation page is optioned, thus preventing the need to manually type it in.

Here is how this works:

1. Enter the URL to your booking page where the QR code will link to. We have included shortcut links in blue above the field, to make it easy to copy your booking page link to the QR code field.

2. Note the fine print in the notes. This field is optional. Leave blank to not use.

3. When enabled, a QR code appears on the gift certificate.

4. Scanning (or clicking) the code takes the certificate recipient to the page you designated, with the code appended to the end of the page URL.

5. The code is then registered when the booking page loads, and the code will be pre-filled and ready to use, as soon as room/unit is added to the reservation.

We hope this makes the use of our gift certificate codes easier and you find this feature useful.