NEW: Exclude dates from discount codes.

We now have an option in Discount Codes to exclude certain dates from discounts. Such as you want to give 10% off for every day in December EXCEPT for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, that is now easily achievable. Here’s how.

1. Set up a percentage discount or $/night discount (it only works with these two options currently)

2. Enter your string of excluded dates. Be sure to carefully read the notes that I entered to understand how to enter the dates (comma separated, month/day/year, year is optional),

3. Go to a reservation page, select dates where discount is allowed, and then continue selecting dates where discount is NOT allowed, and you should see that the discount amount does not increase when selecting the excluded dates.

(discount still $34 even though additional dates have been selected)

4. The discount increases only when selecting dates that are not excluded, here I continued selecting dates and now we see the discount has increased.

5. I also tested with $/night. Here I selected March 1 and 2 where it is allowed and the discount is $20.

6. I also selected March 3, 4, 5 where it is NOT allowed and the discount did not increase.

7. When I selected also March 6 and 7, the discount does go up by $20 more so now the total discount is $40.

We hope this feature is useful for those specific situation when you want to make sure certain dates are not discounted.