San Poncho, Mexico – Best Clients Ever

In my previous career I worked as an attorney, and what a contrast in clients compared to the people I now work with. Maybe it is because they are in the hospitality industry, but my clients now are the best. Take Jane and Earl, proprietors of Roberto’s Bungalows in San Poncho, Mexico. We had never met before, but we immediately hit it off. From our stroll down to the beach to watch the sunset, then dinner at Puerco Azul, and another dinner the next night at their home, they are the definition of hospitable.

Their charming ways also pays off in their business where they guests love them and they have an 80% occupancy rate, which is really good for this area. I enjoyed spending the morning with Jane showing her some of the more advanced features of ReservationKey. She actually wasn’t aware of the occupancy report, so we took a look at that, discovering how to run a report for several months at time in order to get a nice overview of guest activity. We also built a few custom fields – one to track how guests found their B&B and another for internal use, to leave notes for the maid which show up on the housekeeping report. And we tweaked one of the income reports to add a column for the memo section of the payments area.

My Tour de Mexico is almost over, but not before I visit one more B&B, voted the most romantic B&B in the world. More on that in the next post. Meanwhile, I am still pinching myself as I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to work with such great people and work from such great places