Red Flag Guests / Set Alert

By popular demand, we have added the ability to flag specific guests.  Users have been asking for this in order to be warned when the guest books again, or for an obvious reminder for a current guest.

This feature can be used to red-flag a guest as someone you might not want to stay with you in the future, but also to set alerts of any type for a guest.  For example, you could put in a green color alert for a vegetarian guest, or an orange alert for a guest that has special needs.  Of course you can also put this information in the Contact Notes field, but by using this special alert feature your note will stand out better than if were just in the notes fields.

Attached to Email Address

The alert is tied to the guest’s email address.  Whenever a guest books using an email address with an alert attached, that alert will added in several ways:

– At the top of your email notification from ReservationKey regarding a new booking will be a box with your alert color and message:

– The guest name section background color in the Reservation Summary will be your alert color and contain your message:

– When you search for a guest using the Search feature from the Reservation Summary, when you click to add the guest to a reservation, a warning box will popup with your alert message:

Adding an Alert

To add an alert, simply edit the contact details and check the box “Show Alert For This Contact.”  You also can enter the alert message and color.

You also can quickly add an alert to a guest that is already attached to a reservation by clicking the link “Contact Alert” located at the bottom of the contact section in the Reservation Summary page.