Enhancement: Hover over stars to see description

Now it is possible to add descriptions to the star icons, and when you hover over the star with the mouse, the description will appear as the image title.  To set the descriptions, go to Settings, Preferences: Then, when you hover over the star, on both the internal calendar, and also in the Reservation Details … Read more

New Feature: {{roomurl}}

Thanks to a user request from the forum, we have created a new merge code for the email templates. The code is {{roomurl}} which will pull the URL for the room/unit. This feature will likely be most useful for property manager users, where the “rooms” are actually houses. The idea here is that you can … Read more

Updates to User Community Forum

We’ve been busy adding a few new features to the user forum. You’ve probably already noticed the new, more prominent, link in the system header, but here are a few more features you might not have seen. SearchIt is now possible to search all conversations. TagsA powerful feature, is that we now have hash tags … Read more

New User Forum

We are happy to announce that our new internal user forum has been launched. This is a project that has been on our list of things to do for a long time, and now that we are approaching 1000 users, it seemed that the time is ripe for creating an internal forum. It is our … Read more

New Events Bar on Top of Internal Calendar

Thanks to suggestions from a number of users, we have added a new bar at the top of the internal calendar. The idea with this bar is that it is a place to keep track of special events, holidays, or any other notes that you want to make especially obvious. Unlike the notes bar (the … Read more

New Bulk Printing Option

Now there is a way to quickly print templates for many reservations at one time. This feature can be used for printing registration forms for all arriving guests for the day, week, etc. First, just create your registration form (or whatever you want to print per reservation) in the Website Tab, Email Templates section. There … Read more

New Occupancy and Tax Reports

We recently completed a few reports.  Take a look at Occupancy #2 for a breakdown by room/unit of occupancy for a given month. This report has these headings:# Nights Booked # Nights out of Service # Nights Total Average Occupancy Average Rate Total Charge Per Room And, we also now have two new tax reports. Both these … Read more

New Features Update

Here is an update as to some of the miscellaneous features we have been working on recently. Remove taxes individually- For certain guests you may need to charge some of the taxes instead of automatically including all tax categories linked to a room. Now, when selecting the taxes section you can select which taxes to remove … Read more

New Partnership With Channel Management Company

A development in the last few years has been the need to link with online travel agents (OTA’s) such as booking.com, Expedia, etc. We have now created a link with the channel management company myallocator.com which allows two way communication between ReservationKey and thirty different channels (OTAs). This means that instead of having to manually … Read more