New Events Bar on Top of Internal Calendar

Thanks to suggestions from a number of users, we have added a new bar at the top of the internal calendar. The idea with this bar is that it is a place to keep track of special events, holidays, or any other notes that you want to make especially obvious. Unlike the notes bar (the black line just below the events bar), the title of your event will show in this new events bar.

Here is an example of what the events bar looks like:

To see the event details, just click the title:

To create a new event, first click open dates on the bar, and then click Add Event:

Then add a title and notes, as necessary, select a color, and click Save:

To delete an event, click the event title, click Edit, and then click Delete in the lower right corner of the edit window.

By default, we have enabled this feature. If you prefer not to use it, the events bar can be turned off under Settings tab, Preferences: