A Few New Features

Recently we’ve added a few miscellaneous features which are useful, but might not be too obvious, so it seems a good idea to highlight them here.

Thanks to popular demand it is now possible to set whether or not the deposit amount includes taxes.  Simply check the box “include taxes” when setting up your deposit amount.  This works when the deposit is calculated as a percentage of the total, or first/last night. 

Also thanks to user requests, we’ve added a few new merge codes in the email templates section.  We also removed the ability to click the code and have it appended to the bottom of the email template text.  It seemed this was causing too much confusion about what the links did.  The codes have also been reorganized slightly.  The new codes are:


The code {{guestsfirstnames}}  is useful when you have two people (such as a couple) listed on the reservation.  It will combine the first two names such as “Jack & Jill.”  So you can create an email template with something like “Dear Jack & Jill,” or if there is just one name listed the system will automatically switch to just the first name such as “Dear Jack.”

The code {{fractionoverroomname}} will replace show the fraction name if it exists, otherwise it shows the room name.

If you manage several/many properties, you may need to send different sets of emails depending on the property your guest booked.  Now, when adding internal reservations, you can set both the Email Schedule to use and the Payment Page.  These settings can be turned on under Preferences in the Settings tab.

Click the black bar above the room names on the internal calendar to see all your notes for a range of dates.  All the waiting list inquiries from public reservation pages get added to the notes bar, so being able to search by a date range can be a useful way to quickly see all the waiting list requests and any other notes you have added.