Square API Update News

As Square is soon discontinuing their payment form options which we have been using, we have now rebuilt our Square connection using their newest API options. Here are some notes about what has changed.


1. The payment form is simpler. No longer do we have fields for address, country, etc. Square requires very minimal information about the card, so that is all we are presenting. We did include a name field, just to better keep track of which guest has which card (in cases where multiple cards are added to a reservation this is helpful). Also, the fields are not as customizable as before, so we are limited to present them more or less in a way designed by Square.

2. The way we show refunds has changed a bit. This actually isn’t much to do with the new API, but just something that had been on our list for a long time. Now we are trying more of a line item method, where the original transaction remains, and the refund amount (full or partial) shows as a new negative amount entry.

3. The new form has been added to public reservation pages.

4. And payment link pages also now use the new Square form.


The only obvious item we are aware of is that when adding and deleting cards the Square API is slow to update. Meaning, you may not see the new card immediately in the card list. If so, just click the Payments link again, to refresh the payments area. We have contacted Square about this and they advised they are working to improve this.


We plan to add an option for an additional surcharge to be added automatically. Similar to what we have for some of our other payment methods.

And we also plan to further test and develop our connection with Square Terminal.

Any bug reports, comments, etc., are welcome as always.