NEW: Show Custom Fields Specific to Selected Rooms/Units

It is now possible to link custom fields to specific rooms/units, meaning a custom field will only show depending on whether the linked unit is selected to be reserved.

For example, say you have a pet friendly room, you could have a custom field show to request the name/breed of the pet, only to show when that pet friendly room is selected.

Another example, you have various types of units, such as RV trailer sites, cottages, or camping sites, all on one reservation page, but only with the RV sites you need to collect the vehicle license plate and a copy of the guest’s drivers license. Now this is possible, to only show these custom fields when a RV site is selected.

To set this up, go into the Custom Field settings, and select which units the field should show with. Also make sure your reservation page is selected. You can also set whether the field is required or not.

Select your reservation page(s) and whether the field is required.

And select the units to link to this custom field.

And now the custom field only shows when a linked unit is selected:

And does not show when the linked unit is not selected: