New Feature: Filter by Amenities in Online Reservation Pages

It is now possible to give your prospective guests the option to filter their search results by amenities which have been linked to your rooms/units. Whether or not you want to use this is up to you. For many users, it may be better to just leave the search form as simple as possible (just the check in/out dates) and add this additional information in the room/unit descriptions. Putting your amenity information in your descriptions may be simpler because it allows guests to quickly scan all your availability and compare prices for rooms/units with different amenities.

But, if you feel it is important that guests be able to filter by amenities along with their search, here is how to set this up.

1. Add Your Amenities
– go to Settings Tab, Lists
– scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Amenities section, and add all possible amenities that are found throughout your rooms/units

2. Link Amenities to Rooms/Units
– go to Properties Tab, and edit each Room/Unit and Fraction and select which amenities apply

3. Turn on Amenities in Reservation Page(s)
– go to Website Tab, Reservations pages
– edit each of your public booking pages that you want guests to be able to search by amenities and set “Show Amenities” to YES

1. Availability results will show only units that match ALL of the amenities searched for.
2. If no amenities are selected, all available units will show.
3. These new amenities feature works in the multiple unit pages (both Availability Search and Calendar Page modes) and in hotel-style pages. It is not enabled for single unit pages and for the search single unit pages page.
4. Future Enhancement: we likely will enhance our search widget code so that users can select amenities on search forms embedded in your website (that they complete prior to reaching the booking page).