NEW: Electric Meter Calculator in Items for Sale

As our type of clients expands, we now have users that rent long term RV trailer sites. As part of the monthly bill there is usually an electricity charge. We have now added a new Item for Sale type – Metered Electricity – and a calculator to go along with it. This make the process of calculating monthly electricity charges very easy.

First, set up the item under Website tab, Items for Sale. Be sure to select “Metered Electricity” as the type, which then gives an option for setting a monthly allowance.

Now, over in a reservation, under Items for Sale, when the Metered Electricity item is selected a calculator appears.

Enter the start and end readings and click Calculate. The rate and allowance are automatically filled in based on the item settings. The description is then updated to reflect the calculation and the price is the calculated price. Click Add to add the item to the reservation.

And that is all there is to it. We hope for those that can use this it is useful. Your suggestions and feedback is always welcome.