Enhancement: Bulk Print Now Can Create and Email PDFs

Thanks to an idea from one of our users, we’ve added an enhancement to our bulk print section so that you can now create a PDF file which can be printed or emailed. 

One reason for this is to make it easier to take electronic signatures on registration forms. What this user has done is:

  1. Created a registration template in ReservationKey (website tab, email templates).
  2. On a regular basis he emails these PDF documents to himself to use with Signeasy by Apple.
  3. He clicks “open with SignEasy” in his email account.
  4. The guest signs the document on an ipad at the front desk when they arrive.
  5. The document is automatically stored in the Signeasy cloud.

The Bulk Print option is found in the lower right corner of the main internal Availability screen:

Select the date range, template, etc., and then click Create PDF:

You can have the system email the PDF as an attachment, or if no email is set it will make a link where you can click to download the PDF.