New Option for Splitting Address into Multiple Fields

A new option has been added in the Settings tab, Preferences to now be able to show multiple fields for the address instead of just one text box. This has been a long request feature that we are happy to now support. By default, the system will still show one large text box for the address field, which was originally designed that way in order to be more flexible as we work with users around the world, many with different formats for saving addresses. But now, it is possible to use different fields, such as Address, City, State, ZIP, Country, if this is preferred. 

To enable this option, go to the Settings Tab, Preferences and set this option:

Once this setting is saved, the system will show multiple address field boxes. These fields show:
– in the internal Reservation Details screen
– on the public Reservation Pages
– in guest details
– in credit card fields

Unrelated to the address field, but in case you don’t need three fields for phone numbers we’ve also now added an option to hide two of the fields internally. This is also an option in the Preferences section.