NEW FEATURE: Multiple Rate Plans Per Room/Unit

It is now possible for guests to select from multiple rate plan options when making reservations online using the date search view in either the multiple rooms or hotel style booking pages. This is useful to be able to offer different rates for the same room, depending on amenities offered (such as with or without breakfast). Another use is to be able to offer packages that are part of the room.

Some examples:

Multiple units page:

Hotel style page:

Example showing price reduced with a rate adjustment, and another rate plan where the minimum stay hasn’t been met.

How to set this up?

1. Add all your various rate plans. Be sure to add a plan title and description for each.

2. Select your rate plans.

If using multiple unit pages select the plans in the Room/Unit settings.

If using hotel style pages select your plans in the Room Type section.

The selected rate plan will show in the summary, the confirmation message, and also internally. We plan to add more functionality to this feature in the future, such as being able to select a rate plan internally as well.