New Alert If Auto Payment Does Not Complete

We have added an alert in case a PayPal subscription payment is not automatically received. Prior to this, account access would be automatically disabled as soon as the currently paid month expired. The difficulty with this is sometimes users would find themselves unable to log into their ReservationKey account without advance notice. Usually the payment is not received because the credit card used as the PayPal funding source has expired. It is an easy fix by logging into PayPal and updating the credit card, but frustrating because user’s accounts would go inactive until the payment issue was corrected.

Now, we have instituted a 15 day grace period in which to correct the payment problem. Once the funding source in PayPal is updated, PayPal will usually try to make the payment again, automatically. In these cases no further action will be needed on the part of the user. If, for some reason the payment does not happen automatically, the new 15 day grace period will give the user enough time to contact Support and sort out the issue.

Here is an example of what the new alert looks like (it will only appear if an account is in the non-payment grace period):