How to Create Dropdown Field for Check-in Time

By popular demand, you can now customize the Check-In Time field to leave it as a text field, or make it a dropdown with your own dropdown selection text.

To make a dropdown, go to Website tab, Reservation Pages, edit your page, scroll down to near the bottom, the section called Reservation Form, and click Customize. In the label field for Check-In Time, add your label, in this format:
[label name] dropdown:[value1#value2#value3]

Everything after the word “dropdown:” will be assumed to be the dropdown values, separated by # sign. Everything up to the word “dropdown:” is treated as the label for the field.

Such as:
Check-in Time (11am – 11pm only) dropdown:11am-1pm#1pm-3pm#3pm-5pm#5pm-7pm#7pm-11pm

Here is what the final product looks like: