Configuring ReservationKey for Hotels, Motels, Campgrounds

ReservationKey works well for larger properties such as hotels, motels, and campgrounds, where users book by the TYPE of unit. Here are the steps for how to set up this type of property. All of these sections are located under the Properties Tab.

1. Properties / Locations
– Add your property name
– Add descriptions and photos as desired

2. Add Room Types
– Create a type for every style unit you have (use generic names such as King, Queen, Double, etc.)
– Add descriptions and photos for each of the room types

3. Create Rate Plans
– Set up a new Rate Plan for every type of room that has different prices.
– If you have four different room types and each type has different prices, then you will need four rate plans. If you charge the same rates no matter which room type is selected, then you would only need one Rate Plan.
– Inside each Rate plan add Rate Rules to cover your different price breaks (such as low season, high season, etc.)

4. Add Rooms
– The easiest way is to use the Bulk Add feature. 

– For room names, keep it generic and make sure it matches exactly what you have set up the names in Room Types. If you have 40 rooms, split between 10 rooms of each type, you would enter the same name 10 times for each type.
– Use the Room Number field for your numbering of the rooms, such as the number that is posted on the door of each room. This number will not appear on the external Reservation Page. 

In the Preferences section (Settings Tab) you can set what to show on the internal calendar (room names, numbers, or both).

– From the drop down menus select the correct room type (to match the room name you entered), Rate Plan, and set the Maximum Occupancy. The other settings are not optional so ignore those for now.
– Because you added your descriptions and photos to the Room Types section, you do NOT need to edit each unit and add photos and descriptions. However, if you hadn’t set this information in Room Types, then the system would pull descriptions/photos from the rooms settings.

The final step is to set up your Reservation Page, which is under the Website Tab. Go there, and click Add Page. Select Hotel as the type. There are a lot of settings on this page, so go through each section carefully. At the bottom, make sure to select all of your rooms that you want to make available for booking.