All About PayPal Subscriptions For ReservationKey Service

We sometimes are asked why we only take PayPal for subscriptions to ReservationKey. The primary reason is because it is easy for us and is generally easy for our users. For us, we are able to keep our costs low by not having to spend any additional resources handling billing. With PayPal subscriptions, all of … Read more

Highlight Reservations By Adding a Star

Now it is possible to “star” reservations in order to highlight certain ones. When a star has been added, the star will appear next to the guest’s name on the internal reservation calendar. To add a star, simply click the star at the top of the Reservation Details screen. We think there is room for … Read more

A Few CSS Tweaks

We’ve added a couple of new tweaks for hiding the number of children in the reservation forms. By adding these lines to a custom theme, the number of children can be hidden. Hide the number of children dropdown:.numchildren { display:none; } Hide the number of children in the reservation summary, on the Reservation Page:#numguests_children_span {display:none;} … Read more