New Feature: Scheduled Emails

We have developed functionality to automatically send emails to guests based on dates saved in custom fields. This is useful for sending automatic yearly emails to guests for events such as a birthday or wedding anniversary.  Here’s how to set it up: 1. Add Custom Field(s)Add one or more custom fields of the date type: … Read more

Changing/Moving Reservations Now Much Easier

From the Reservation Details page, the Change link now opens a small window where quick adjustments to a reservation can be made. This window contains several useful features. 1. Move RoomsSimply select the new room to move this guest to. After selecting the room, the system will automatically check to see if the newly selected … Read more

Updates to Payments by Date Report

We’ve added a few new options to the Payments By Date Report. You can now select which type of date on which to run the query. Select from Payment Date, Arrival Date, Departure Date, and Booking Date. New options are available by clicking the “Show Advanced Search” link. Now it is possible to select which … Read more

More Options in Email Templates

We have added two new enhancement to the email templates section (under Website Tab).  First, is the option to upload images which can be used in the templates, such as a logo, or photo. The other new feature is the ability to set default To, CC, and BCC email addresses. These are the addresses that … Read more

Two New Email Template Codes

We just realized we have only had a code for guest phone, {{guestphone}}, which pulls from the first phone field. But we don’t have codes for the two other phone fields, business and mobile phones, two fields that appear on the internal reservation form. So, now we have added these two code, which can be … Read more

New Feature for Holding Rooms for Groups

Do you ever want to hold a number of rooms for a group booking, such as for a wedding, but you want guests to be able to reserve individual rooms out of those held rooms? Now, this is possible, thanks to a new status option. In this example, we can see that there are a … Read more

Using the Search Form and Iframes

If you want to use a “book now” form where guests enter their dates on your website you have to pass the variables to YOUR page which then passes them to the URL in the iframe.  This can be done using programming, such as PHP, ASP, etc, or with javascript.  Here is a way to do this in javascript so … Read more

All About PayPal Subscriptions For ReservationKey Service

We sometimes are asked why we only take PayPal for subscriptions to ReservationKey. The primary reason is because it is easy for us and is generally easy for our users. For us, we are able to keep our costs low by not having to spend any additional resources handling billing. With PayPal subscriptions, all of … Read more

Highlight Reservations By Adding a Star

Now it is possible to “star” reservations in order to highlight certain ones. When a star has been added, the star will appear next to the guest’s name on the internal reservation calendar. To add a star, simply click the star at the top of the Reservation Details screen. We think there is room for … Read more