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Where in the system is my account alias used? What happens if no alias is entered?

The alias is used in your reservation pages URL. If no alias is entered your account ID number will be used instead.

The alias is entered under the Settings Tab,

in the Alias field in the Account Settings side tab.

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Where in the system are the other fields (address, phone, email) used?

If the other fields are used which can be added to email templates.

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How do I change my plan?

Under a account settings, select a different plan and then click the change plan button. You will be redirected to PayPal to update your subscription. If you need to change to a less expensive plan that have more rooms and that a plan allows for, you will first be prompted to remove some rooms from your account.

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How do I know what plan I need?

The plan that you need depends on the total number of units you plan fractions and rooms both count as one unit each. You should add up all of the units you have to determine how many units you need.

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